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I was a child when the world collapsed. 
Somehow I survived. 
But there's one question that keeps me awake at night.
What happened that day?

‘April – Fall of Faith’ is a pixel art action-roleplaying game with rogue-lite elements. Play April – a survivor of the catastrophe that brought the world to ruin – and go on a journey to unveil the mysteries of her past. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, solve puzzles, refine your skills and experience a story of an unconventional friendship fighting against an inhumane threat. 

We – a team of three - started April as a linear role-playing game. To give you a longer, more fun experience we incorporated rogue-lite elements. Also we gave the game a graphics makeover and ramped up the special effects. We hope you enjoy the new and different ‘April – Fall of Faith’.

Features already in the demo

 • Real time combat

 • Loot and crafting system

 • Skill system

 • Dimension shift ability

 • Colorful, retro-styled pixel art

 • Roguelite elements (lose your character level but keep your permanent upgrades)

 • Permanent character upgrades: Equipment and blueprints

 • Forest levels (handcrafted but in randomized order)

 • Forest boss level

Features of the full release

 • More levels, areas, monsters, bosses, skills, items…

 • Story bits between level stages

 • NPCs to aid you on your quest

 • Upgradeable hub area 

April is inspired by games like Hyper Light Drifter, Moonlighter and Children of Morta. Try the prototype, leave us a comment, but most importantly: Have fun! :)

See you soon!

What the Waffle (Fabian Jäckel – Tino Raupp – Arne Sibilis – Heinz Rink)

April is a game in early development. Best played with an XBOX One or PS4 controller

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Keyboard controls

  • Move with WASD.
  • Attack with Space.
  • Dash with E.
  • Shift with Shift (duh).
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(76 total ratings)
AuthorWhat The Waffle
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Pixel Art, Roguelite, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


April_Fall_of_Faith_v0.504.zip 58 MB
April_Fall_of_Faith_v0.504.app.zip 59 MB

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THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL! Would love to see a full release...


Woah this is such a nice game. Impressive pixel art and visual effects. The text effects especially got me hyped.

 Overall, I really enjoy the demo. However, here are some small things I noticed:

- In the first few minutes I played without being able to keep track of my energy. I feel like some auditory / screen wide visual clue when one energy node fills up would've helped me. Such a crucial component to the game get tucked into a small corner of the screen. Maybe if I get more playtime I'd get used to keeping track of the energy nodes but for now I can't.

- The controls feel a bit awkward in how they are placed on the keyboard. As they are I can't comfortably rest both my hands on the keyboard without reaching for faraway keys. But this might just be me not being used to playing topdown games.

- The slime's attack hitbox feels big compared to the attack's visual, especially when attacking in the downward direction. Sometimes when I run into them to bait out their attack and run out, I'd still get hit. The character's attack also don't seem to interrupt the slime whatsoever, which didn't feel great to me. 

This response might look critical but I'm really just excited for the game. Looking forward to the full release.

IT COMES IINTO THE GAME TO THE SCREEN HERE YOU press play but it won't let me press anything i have tried reinstalling it but it still own't work can anyone help me?


I tried clicking it too but I realized you use W and S to choose, use W basically an up key and press ente

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When i play the game its all black help?

But i do hear the music



Hi WhatTheWaffle,

Just played your demo, I hope you don't mind me providing my feedback - I think feedback is a really important part of the game development process.

Things Done Well:

  1. The art style is absolutely beautiful, and clearly the standout element of the game for me.
  2. This art style is coupled to some equally excellent music which in summation lead to a real sense of depth and immersion with the game's world. In other words the theming is consistent and captivating.
  3. The idea of the 'Other Side' is a good one and I enjoyed the moments where this was required. Inspired by the 'Upside Down' in 'Stranger Things' perhaps?

Areas for Improvement:

  1. I feel the 'Other Side' element was drastically underused in the first portion of the game I played, and felt largely optional which is a shame - especially as this is literally the first thing you are taught in the game. 
  2. My monitor's native resolution is 3840 x 1200. Your game detected this and scaled correctly, though this placed some critical GUI prompts for the on boarding / tutorial process in the very extreme lower corner of the display - which I initially missed. Whilst I appreciate this is a somewhat extreme resolution, when I changed to 1920 x 1080 in the games options it removed the GUI HUD entirely, making progress quite challenging. After some guess work it sorted itself out in the next room and no problems thereafter.
  3. The current demo feels quite repetitive (completing the first area and using the portal stone takes you to a very similar looking area with yet more enemies) each level just feels like a massive series of fetch quests. I appreciate however that your roadmap includes more narrative and story driven elements between stages which I think would go a long way to providing a justification for the onward progress beyond just 'grinding.'
  4. My gut feel is that the game would play better as a linear RPG without the roguelite elements and procedural generation. I feel the art style, XP system and crafting - if linked to a good story would be more than enough to carry this to success. From a personal perspective a game like this would appeal a lot more to me.

I hope the detailed feedback is useful, I am developing my own game so totally hope you take this in the manner it is intended - to help you make the best game possible!

All the best - Ben.


Thank you very much for the detailed Feedback ! <3


Hey there, i played your game demo, i absolutely enjoyed it, i have part 2 coming this week, it is such a great game!! love the art style as well!! Keep up the awesome work! =] <3 

Thank's for the beautiful let's play :)


do you know when the game may be released?

sadly we don't know at the moment.


your game is great,with adventure it gets even better >:3


Gosh dangit, I try to be funny and snarky with all my comments but I haven't been this excited for a game to be released in years. How dare you ruin my sarcastic streaK!

Hey thanks for the lovely let's play. <3

PS: Hope your new sarcastic streak will be even greater ;) 

Awe thanks! ;{)


My friend and I had a lot of fun playing this game! It had great music and was beautifully made.


Thanks for the Lets Play <3 :)


charming souls-like rouge-like.
I like the combat... not super tight yet, but has promise...
the proc gen part is kinda dull, but I know it's trendy.

Would like to see more story and hand crafted content hope you keep it up, great job!

o jogo é bom mas não é muito bem otimizado para computadores mais fracos conclusão joguem


Just got done with it.
Really fun. I liked the rougelike mechanics, however it would be nice if you were able to exit the game without having to start over from level 1 especially if you didn't die. Combat was fun especially when your dash deals damage. Item crafting is a nice touch.
It was a good demo, but I feel like things like drop rate for permanent items might have to be lowered or give the items a higher max level. I reached max level for all the items after about 2 hours of playing. So if this were a full game there wouldn't be much more to collect after a couple hours of play.

Otherwise, the style was great and gameplay was really enjoyable. Great job and can't wait to see what comes next.

Hey thanks for the feedback, and also thanks for playing the demo 2 hours long :O :) <3

Yes we want to integrate a save on exit if you haven't died. ;)
Also you are right the item drop rate will be different in a full release. We cranked it up in the demo so people can have a bit of fast fun ;)


the combat is a bit cheeseable, with the dimension shift ability, but the art style is gorgeous and it's really fun to move around in


I haven't played it yet but it looks good,,

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I really loved this game. The movement felt smooth-fluid as I started and the art-animation is really good. The ambience was nice. I felt though that a little more could be explained in the beginning as to what happened to the world and why I was there. (I read the description after playing)
Also its really brutal in its save points (Which is Epic) !
Just finished it and turns out its incomplete. Would love to see the complete version asap!

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Hi! This game was super cool and fun to play! The only things that I didn't really like were that I could not find out how to damage the lord of the roots for the life of me and I also can't minimize the game so if I want to play the game I have to play through it all at once or just give up the nonpermanent progress. But overall it's super cool and I'm looking forward to trying out different skill builds and seeing which one suits me best. I'd definitely buy it if the official version comes out with a price tag.

Thank you <3

little hint for the boss, try to use his own bombs against him ;)


Ohhhhh! Ty! I'll be waiting!


the art in the menu was amazing, with just for different shades of the same color you made a beautiful scene.

in the game i wish if you press space the texts go away faster.

and also i got stuck at the begening behind the stones :)


love this game alot, just started and its given me a great first impression.


Is there a way to save porgress in game?

The permanent items will always be saved. But if you end the game in the middle of a run, you will start over at the hub level.


This is by far the cleanest and most beautiful game I have ever seen

Thank you so much! That means a lot to us! <3


Loved this so much. The art style is so pretty. Can't wait to see what else you can make :)

Thank you!


Good 8/10

When I start it up I get stuck on the menu screen, I can't click anything. I can see the mouse but when I try to click "New Game" it just doesn't do anything. This game looks amazing and I love the music


Please try to use the keyboard (Space or Enter to confirm) since currently there isn't any mouse support. We're happy you like the art and music!


It worked! Thank you for the super fast response, I really appreciate it


its really good.

why is it that when i boot it up..all i get is a black screen? is there a reason for this?

Sorry but we need more information to find out what is wrong.
On our systems everything is running fine.


to cut the reasoning short, when i boot the game, all i see is a black screen, i can see my mouse fine, but i cannot see the start up for he game, but i can hear it working, i can hear my character doing things, i just cannot see anything, this is a screenshot of my whole monitor when its running

Could you provide some information about your OS and graphics card?

(1 edit) (+1)

windows and this: and sorry that i cant give you better information on everything, im not that techy-

(1 edit) (+1)

I would assume that this issue might be related to a problem with your graphics card driver or settings... If this should get reported more often, we'll try to narrow it down. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing and the feedback <3


Couple suggestions:

- Allow VSync to be toggled.

- Make the dialogue skip faster!


I liked this game very much, my teacher, and for the first time in a long time, I played the game comfortably without complaining.

Thank you ! :)


You're welcome!


which engine did you use??


Unity and Aseprite for pixel art




Please, make an Linux version!

Seems like an amazing game


Amazing game

Thanks very much :)

Can you tell me anything about the music? Do you currently have a dedicated composer, or are you using library music? Is the music in the game representative of what you hope it will be on release?

Hey there, yes we have a dedicated composer his name is Heinz Rink. He also made most of the VFX Sounds. 

It is kind of representative what we hope for in the release, but as time passes there certainly will be changes, also we want more tracks etc.

Hope that helped :)


Please port the game to linux, it looks cool, i want to play it!


Why not linux version?,on the other hand, looks amazing congrats!!


We are not useing linux and can't test if everything is working properly, so for now we stick to win and mac. Sorry for that. 


I had quite a bit of fun with April: Fall of Faith. For a demo it felt really, really good. There were a couple of things I did dislike, but overall this was a really enjoyable game.

I know this is kind of par for the course with this type of game, but I really enjoyed being able to build around my items in my second play through. It's kind of RNG gated because you have to get the item drops, so you can't really "target" what you want. But, I had plenty of crit items, so I went crit and attack speed, this combo was quite a bit of fun. Crit is always fun. But, I could've also focused on being tanky. Like I said, it's par for the course, but I really enjoyed it and the item system.

The dimensional shift ability is really, really cool. There aren't a whole lot of applications for its use currently, but I think this really shows some serious potential for creating interesting puzzles and boss mechanics. Once the full game releases, this is the mechanic I'm most excited to see again. Also will there be a dimensional being boss you have to fight? Cause I think that would be really,r eally cool. Somewhat challenging because you have to manage how many actions you have, but it'd be really cool.

Speaking of bosses, I loved the boss fight at the end of the demo. It took me a minute to figure out what I needed to do, but for the first boss in the game he was a fun fight. Use of the dimensional shift ability during the fight was well done. Ultimately I'm just glad it wasn't a tank and spank fight.

The game art is well done, some of the effects being employed are fantastic. Things like seeing the shadow of my character as she walks around the campfire, the glow on her arm and the tree leaves moving about are awesome. I also think the dimensional shift effect is super sick. 

Just a quick shoutout to the audio settings being appropriately setup. Didn't have to touch it, it was at perfect volume going in and it was majestic. 

One thing I didn't enjoy about the game was the experience or dimensional fragments you have to pick up. More often than I'd like I'd be running through a zone I previously cleared and would pick up straggling experience. That sucks, cause it's experience I could've missed out on and probably would have if I hadn't ran past through. I wish it was more traditional and just automatically funneled to you no matter what.

Something I did not include in the video was the lag I experienced throughout the game. For the most part the game ran at 60fps, but there would be instances where those frames would dip down to 20fps. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, but after seeing other comments I figured it probably wasn't on my end and something to do with the game. 

So overall I really enjoyed the demo. I look forward to playing the full release and future updates to the demo! keep up the good work, I can't wait to see where the game takes me. :)


Hey, thanks for the kind words and the nice video!! <3

Maybe we will implement a dimension shift boss at some point ;)

Yeah we are still figuring out what feels good for the pick up range, so this is all subject to change.

Yeah the performance issues are coming from the lighting which is in plays at the moment. We have to rework that but sadly this will take a bit to fix :I


I love this game and it has a good game feel but it gets laggy when you enter a new room


Love the game! On the Mac version though (haven't tried Windows), there seems to be a mess-up with the screen while moving - I don't know if that's a VSync problem or what.


You have me whole-heartedly invested

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Thaaaaaanks !!! :)

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