A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I was a child when the world collapsed. 
Somehow I survived. 
But there's one question that keeps me awake at night.
What happened that day?

'Hey yo! I'm demon! 
At least that's what April calls me. 
Humans are strange. 
Did you know that they neglect hygiene as soon as their world falls apart? Disgusting'

'April – Fall of Faith' is a retro-styled pixel art action-roleplaying game. Play April – a survivor of the catastrophe that brought the world to ruin – and go on a journey to unveil the mysteries of her past. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, solve puzzles, refine your skills and experience a story of an unconventional friendship fighting against an inhumane threat.

April is a game in early development. Best played with an XBOX One or PS4 controller.

Keyboard controls
  • Move with WASD.
  • Attack with Space.
  • Dash with E.
  • Shift with Shift (duh).
Features in the full release
  • Real time combat.
  • Dimension shift ability.
  • Engaging storyline.
  • Loot and levelling system.

April will be a similar experience like Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Hyper Light Drifter.

Try the prototype, comment but most importantly have fun! :)

See you soon!
Team April

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April_Fall_of_Faith_v0.43.zip 37 MB
April_Fall_of_Faith_v0.43.app.zip 39 MB

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excellent pixel art all around: the title screen, the sprites, the menus, etc. i liked the design of april and the demon. really impressive vertical slice. hope this game goes far


Thanks for the kind words :)
We are very happy that you like it.
At the moment we are hard at work and hope to push a major update sometime in April.


lmao the perfect month for an update!


It's SO good! Hope the full version comes out soon!

Thank you very much! We are still working on it with everything we've got!


This is a great demo. Nice story opening.


Thank you! We're glad you liked it :)

wait.. this is just a demo right? it's not the whole game

Yes the Game is in Development right now, but we also try to keep the site up to date.
So stay tuned for more.


Really enjoyed this game, the combat and gameplay resonated with me. I loved exploring the environment and I can already see some interesting puzzles or secrets with the dimension switching mechanic. Writing is also pretty fun! Thanks for the great experience Team April, will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

Thanks for playing!
We really enjoyed your Let's Play :)

We are working on new content right now and hope to get the new stuff out sometime in October.

Stay tuned and thank you for the feedback :)


Thanks! Looking forward to it. 


I love this game so far. the art style and game play reminds me of games I played as a kid on my dads old PlayStation. look forward to seeing more. give me a holler once its complete. :) will definitely be watching it development. 

Hey, thanks for playing our game!
We are really happy that you enjoyed it :)

It will take some time until its complete ;P, but we will keep this page up-to-date ;)


awsome! and your welcome


Very cool! Is it supposed to get the polygon sort of distortion when loading chat bubbles? 

Hey we are glad you like it :)
Hmmm I don't know exactly what you mean but it sounds like a bug, we will look into that. Thanks
Have a nice day ;)


I love it! I'd like to leave a few thoughts on what I love and where I think there could be some room for improvement, if that's alright! (also I'm not a developer so feel free to yeet my comments into the sun):

Atmosphere: I honestly love the atmosphere of this game, ESPECIALLY as shown in the title screen. One thought though is that the "overworld" music is a little unfitting, and could perhaps be made a bit more meloncholy or adventurous, depending on where you want to go?

Shifting: I like how you did the shifting in this! It's cool to see "shadows" of creatures in the other dimension. My primary concern is clarity. Although I LOVE the little animations and such, as it is implemented, it looks like you are changing the world, perhaps with some sort of time-travel thing, whereas from what I understand, you are trying to go for entering a parallel dimension or something similar. My suggestion would be that when you shift, that "circle" that starts to close on April expands from her in the first place, changing the scenery around her. If it is within the technical limitations, it would be great to see things outside of the circle be the "normal" world while everything on the inside is the "demon" world. That way, it looks like she has an aura around her that temporarily alters the terrain to be more like that parallel world. I have a lot of thoughts on other ways you could make this more clear, but I don't want to bombard you with any more than I already am.

Combat: The combat is quite fun! I think the only issue here is clarity. Would it be possible to make a "hit" sound when your weapon strikes an enemy, not just the enemy hurt sound? That way it feels like your weapon is connecting with the enemy, not just phasing through them. Also, I feel that in a lot of ways, shifting is MUCH more effective than dashing. After all, enemies can't hit you in the other dimension, and it's just as fast as dashing is. One last little thing would be to perhaps make it so that the last attack in the combo feels a bit more different than the others, like maybe a slightly different sound, having it push back enemies, and a delay between finishing the combo and starting a new one.

Movement: Again, I love it! I hate to be nitpicky, but would it be possible to implement something like little dust particles while walking? And I definitely think that adding something like a small dust cloud or something when dashing would make it feel much more "real". Also one last little nitpick which I know would be a huge pain in the ass, would it be possible to add sprites for moving in the diagonal directions? It's not just for looks, it would also make combat more enjoyable, as you'd be able to attack diagonally rather than in just the 4 cardinal directions.

Animation: I hope you're ready for just unending praise, because goddang!!! There are so, SO many little things here that make the game feel so alive and interactive. The way that the bushes and leaves drift, the little bob on the character's movements, the way that you can see them lean into the weight of their attacks, the way the screen shakes when you strike an enemy, even the little animations for your "stamina" being used up and returning, all feel really awesome! 

I'm sorry if I came across as overly negative with a lot of this stuff!!! There was a lot that I liked about the game, and I am really excited to see how this game progresses. As-is with the framework, I could see myself paying at least maybe $15 for what I predict the full game would be.


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your detailed thoughts with us! Getting to know how you experienced the gameplay is extremely valuable to us. We're still trying to improve the mechanics and will be talking about each of the points that you mentioned. We plan to release an extended demo version in October. We're really glad you liked our game so far!

Hey! Anyway you can email me about this game? Jupiter@ArmorGames.com

Hey, yes i will send you a mail.

Hey fun game. I like the dimension shift ability. It would be really cool if this somehow changed the enemies as well. 

Hey, nice we are happy that you like it :)
At the moment we are actually working on a new enemy who will change if you switch the dimension.

Thanks a lot for the comment and your feedback :)
Cheers, the April Game Team